Inspired by Black butler (Kuroshitsuji) cuz it's my favourite anime of all time.

I would live in victorian era

house, aesthetic, and architecture image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book, champagne, and editorial image

I would wear luxurious clothes

dress image beauty, clothes, and corset image dress, hair, and vintage image dress image

I would be in love with my hot butler

Temporarily removed manga, anime, and butler image suit, boy, and man image Temporarily removed
you could imagine what his name would be.

I would attend lots of parties

victorian, art, and dress image Image removed dress, vintage, and pink image Temporarily removed

I would born in 1870's

Temporarily removed 1875 image 1875 image wedding, dress, and baby image

I would play piano for long time

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed piano, music, and vintage image Temporarily removed

I would have a beautiful bed

pink, bed, and shabby chic image bedroom, boho, and bed image Image removed bed, interior, and bedroom image
Quality of your sleep is important no matter which era you are living in.

I would have a huge library

book, library, and reading image book, library, and vintage image book, library, and gold image Temporarily removed

I would be the 'earl'

book, tea, and vintage image Temporarily removed 1920s, art, and art deco image vikings and katheryn winnick image

I would train at home to become a doctor

study and student image Abusive image coffin, witch, and magic image needle image
I wish I could be a doctor in 21th century too

Thank you for reading.
BTW if you haven't watch Black Butler yet I highly recommend you to watch it.