group name: flashkidz
members: bang soobin (n!ghtl!ght), chu Soo-Yeon (n!ghtl!ght), han jisung (stray kids), hyunjin (stray kids)
company: JYP Entertainment
fandom name: stays/stars
debut: February 29th, 2018
concept: their concept changes every comeback
flashkidz is a subunit from stray kids and n!ghtl!ght.

stray kids, han, and kpop image girl, asian, and korean image korean, ulzzang, and dog image Image removed

first mini-album: distortion
01. distortion title track
02. broken (부서진)
03. rain (비)

aesthetics, diner, and faded image girl, aesthetic, and green image pastel, pink, and blue image aesthetic, architecture, and daily image

music video fashion:

blue, fashion, and Marchesa image Mature image fashion, boy, and model image Image removed

stage fashion:

fashion, stage, and jaehyun image aesthetic, fashion, and 90s image