I gave you everything, I was all in, this is was all I wanted and no one else would ever come close to how I felt for you. I adore the way you smiled, laughed, the way you could make any situation better and how you had this freedom I always wanted. I loved the way you remember things that I had said in passing, or the way you planned dates and days out by removing things I had said and how I felt safe with you.

I felt my whole world had meaning, I felt like all my faith in love had been restored, I felt happiness I never imagined feeling and I felt more in love with you, myself and the world. You made all those Prince Charming and knight in shining dreams I had as little girl stop being fantasy become real.

Till that day you said it was over, you needed time, you need to sort yourself out, that you weren't being who you are and you couldn't do it anymore. You crushed me, broke me, destroyed me in ways I couldn't imagined and you didn't care or least appear too.

I still love you, all I did was love you. I still adore you, all I did was adore you. I want you to be happy, I want to make you happy. I want you to have peace, I want to be your peace.

You are my favourite person in the world and it's not my world without you in it.