Say goodbye to beach days and poolside chill sessions because Fall is upon us. It's time to start updating your wardrobe with the trendiest fall staples.
Check out some of the must-haves and staples needed in your wardrobe this fall:

Millennial Purple

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While everyone else will be wearing stereotypical fall colors like burgundy and rich browns - be different and wear fall 2019's trendiest color: Millenial purple!

Fleece Jackets

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Fall 2018 was all about puffer jackets, but this season, Fleece jackets are back in fashion! You can style your fleece jacket with some jeans and ankle boots to create a warm, cozy and trendy fall outfit.


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Shine bright like a diamond this fall in gold! gold is perfect for a fancy evening out with your girlfriends or for a date night.

Schoolgirl skirts

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Would it really be fall if you didn't wear plaid skirts? plaid is a fallen hero; so, dress for the season by styling a plaid preppy skirt with tights, thigh-high boots, and a cute sweater!

Cargo pants

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The utility trend will not be on the wane anytime soon. Trust me, you will see cargo pants EVERYWHERE this fall; so, join this trend and style your cargo pants with a cute crop top and a fleece jacket - or dress up your cargo pants with heels!

Cow neck slips

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Need something fancy to wear this fall? look no further than a satin dress with cow neck slips. Satin dresses will make you look effortlessly sleek and sophisticated. You can layer on a leather jacket or a classy long coat to give you some warmth.


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From fitted dressy jumpsuits to sexy jumpsuits to sleek white jumpsuits; jumpsuits will help you fight the cold in style this fall!


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The neon trend was summer's brightest trend, and it seems like it will also be making its way to fall. Whether you rock neon from head-to-toe or you use it as a way to add a pop of color to a basic look; this electric hue will make you the center of attention.

Puff sleeves

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Puffy sleeves were big in 2018 but they will be even bigger this fall! A puff-sleeved top paired with mom jeans will make you look ultra-feminine and polished.

Monochrome looks

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I highly recommend you to try a monochrome outfit this fall. Why? It comes with a seriously chic vibe and elegant touch.

Micro bags

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Yes, micro bags are here to stay. They will add a high-fashion vibe to your fall look and help you easily carry around your fave fall lip balm.

Leopard print

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Animal print is staying strong as a trend for Fall, and we're loving the bold leopard print coats!
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This article was written by @Paixbonheur on the We Heart It Writers Team