Bonjour, everyone! I'm back with another one of my entries for this mini-series. I rank Katy Perry's songs from worst to best from their respective albums. Of course, "worst" doesn't mean it's a revolting song, it just happens to be my least favorite from the album. This month's article will be on Katy's third studio album, Prism! I will be ranking the songs from that album, as well as the bonus tracks from the deluxe version, which includes Spiritual, It Takes Two, and Choose Your Battles.

If you haven't read my previous articles where I covered One of the Boys and Teenage Dream, here are the links if you would like to check them out!

With that out of the way, let's begin!

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16. Birthday

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Out of all the four least favorite songs from their respective albums, this is probably the one I like the most. I like the single cover since it's an actual picture of young Katy and her sister Angela Hudson at a birthday party, which I think is pretty creative. It's a fun song to listen and sing along to, especially on my birthday, of course. One YouTuber I really like, AJayll, describes the song as the one you'll listen to while at a roller rink and I couldn't agree more. However, the spoken "Happy birthday" is kind of cheesy, but the rest of the bridge is solid. There are just much better songs on this album in my opinion. And I think there was one song in particular that should have received this single treatment, but I'll get to it.

15. Spiritual

This is the first of the three bonus tracks and it's quite nice with very poetic and hypnotizing lyrics. But for some reason, the vocals rubs me the wrong way in the slightest bit. I can't put my finger on it. However, it improves during the final chorus and she shows off wonderful backup vocals. I like the outro, too. It's a song I would prefer listening to over Birthday.
14. International Smile

Flowers in her hair, she don't care
Peach pink lips, yeah, everybody stares

13. Ghost

Yet another good song. This song is about how Russell Brand, her husband from early this decade, texted her saying he wants a divorce (I'm not kidding. He really texted her. Gross.) and he is dead to her, hence the term "ghost". I especially love the bridge "So rest in peace, I'll see you on the other side". Despite the whole "Russell is dead to Katy" thing, it's actually a beautiful song.

12. This Moment

This song is about enjoying the present with your lover and has a great use of the synthesizer, which is a staple in 80s music. The song overall has great vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals, so it's just another awesome song from Katy Perry.

11.This Is How We Do

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This is a song most people don't like, but I think it's pretty good. The lyrics aren't deep or anything, but it's about partying and is still fun to listen to. It's almost like a Last Friday Night 2.0.The music video is also really great, featuring a plethora of crazy outfits and hairstyles Katy wears coupled with awesome cinematography. The bridge could've been better, but it's ok for what it is. All in all, it's a song I don't mind listening to when it comes up on my playlist.

10. Walking on Air

WOA is a promotional single, but it was almost an official one. When Katy asks her Katycats if they wanted Walking on Air or Dark Horse to be her next single, they chose the latter, which I definitely agree with. However, the former is still a wonderful song. It's truly music to my ears with sensational vocals from Katy herself, including this gospel-like choir in the background. It's awesome! It makes me wonder how successful the song would be when I see Dark Horse is one of, if not her MOST, successful song. I bet the music video would be awesome. Nevertheless, it's still a bop and the closest we'll get to visuals like that is her lived performance of the song on SNL.

9. Unconditionally

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Unconditionally has such a sweet message. It's about forgetting/accepting your partner's imperfections and loving them, well, unconditionally. I just love the lyrics. It also has an AWESOME music video. The slow-motion shot of a car slamming into Katy and it shattering into pieces while Katy is completely fine is nothing but perfect. Yep. The song is involved in a very memorable moment from her video album The Prismatic World Tour Live where a guy proposes to his girlfriend while Katy performs the song. It's so sweet!!

8. Love Me

Love Me is similar to Unconditionally, but it's about accepting the flaws about yourself in order to love someone else. Just like any other KP song, it has a great bridge. And a good pre-chorus, too!

7. Roar

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Here we go, here's an iconic song! This is a perfect way to start off the Prism era! It has one of my favorite single covers and music videos from Katy. The song has a great message about being confident in yourself. It's somewhat a modern version of We Are The Champions by Queen and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It definitely like the latter with the lyrics "I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter dancing through the fire"! I have such fond memories of this song. Every morning, I listened to the song on a loop while I was getting ready for school. And I dressed up as Jungle Queen Katy for Halloween one year!

6. Choose Your Battles
The second of the bonus tracks I've mentioned so far, but it's the very last song on the album. I love the intro and chorus. The song is about someone in their relationship being problematic and Katy asking them to either change their attitude or leave. It's really catchy and is a pleasant way to end the album.

5. Double Rainbow

I love this song. It's so simple and peaceful but it still leaves an impact. The meaning of the song is how true love is like a double rainbow: something so rare yet beautiful that comes once in a lifetime. I added it to my Chill Playlist on Spotify not too long ago and it fits very well on there. The way the song progresses is very unique. Katy's vocals and the instrumentals are soft, but the instrumentals tend to crescendo during the chorus. It's not by much, but it's obvious it increases. The song overall is a really pretty song to relax to.

4. Dark Horse (ft. Juicy J)

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And here is my favorite single from the album. One of, if not Katy's most successful song. And for good reason! Great lyrics with an equally great beat and great single cover. Another one of my favorites. The music video is great too and I love the Egyptian theme. Personally, I would have gone with something like Greek mythology with the mentioning of Aphrodite early in the song or at least some type of goth theme since the song title is Dark Horse. Her 2014 Grammy performance could have been the music video since it fits so perfectly.

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But oh well, the music video is still iconic. And so if the song, of course.

3. By the Grace of God

BTGOG is on my Chill Playlist, too! It has a wondrous piano intro with tragic lyrics of how Katy had suicidal thoughts after her divorce with Russel Brand. She realizes (which are my favorite lyrics from the song) "I looked in the mirror and decided to stay / Wasn't gonna let love take me out that way". So beautiful and I'm so proud of her.

2. It Takes Two

This is the second bonus track that happens to be my second favorite Prism song. And it has "two" in the title. I love that. But anyway, I'm obsessed with this song. Katy's singing about how she and her lover must take responsibility for their actions that caused their relationship to fall apart. It's a criminally underrated song that should have been a single or at least on the regular album. Katy shows off her amazing vocals as usual, it has great piano outro, and it's overall a really fun song to sing along to.

1. Legendary Lovers

And here we have it. My favorite Prism song. My favorite Katy Perry song. The song that my username on here is named after. The song that seriously deserved to be single. It's very well known by us Katycats that it should have been. Should have replaced Birthday or maybe even This Is How We Do or something. Where to start? Let's talk about the instrumentals.
For the most part, it features a sitar, which is an Indian instrument that looks like a large but thin guitar. It's very unique to hear in Western music and I love it. The bridge is made up of tribal drums and vocalizations by Katy. Again, it's really unique to hear and it makes me wonder what the music video would have been like. I imagine it being shot in India with the Taj Mahal, elephants, and Katy wearing beautiful traditional Indian garments like a sari. What a concept.
I just love the lyrics in this. They're so poetic with great use of imagery just like International Smile. "Under a silver moon, tropical temperature"? "Take me down to the river underneath the blood-orange sun"? I love it all. It's one of my favorite songs of all time and if someone came up to me and told me they wanted to start listening to Katy Perry's discography, Legendary Lovers would be the very first song I would recommend.

Au revoir! - Liv 🦋✨


This article was written by @legendarylovin on the We Heart It Writers Team