So, yeah, the time we didn't want to arrive arrived. Either you have already started school or will start it in the next few weeks, so I wanted to give some advice that worked for me last year hoping it will make your school year a little bit more bearable.

New school

If you're starting at a new school I would recommend you to try to be as open-minded as possible with all the new people around you. You should try to see everyone as potential friends and give them a chance because they could surprise you. Also, try to talk and make other people notice you. Be kind to them and try to don't overthink about it, probably teachers will make some activities for the class to get closer and stuff so just don't worry.

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Organization is key

Two years ago I had a rough time at the end of the school year because I didn't know where my notes were and I forgot half of my homework. I have to admit that stress was killing me by the end of ma so last year I decided to I would be more organized. For that purpose, I started using a week planner where I would write down what I had to do every task I had to do and then cross it out as I had completed one of them (so satisfactory tbh). Google Calendar was also quite useful as it was both on my computer and my phone and it offered me a monthly view.

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I feel like having a good routine is basic. What worked for me was having a hella long shower once a week in which I would wash my hair, but some face masks, moisturizers, shave sometimes ... And after that, I would put on a movie or a series and do my nails. That way I felt relaxed and it boosted my confidence somehow. Also, try to get as many hours of good sleep as you can, stay hydrated and make sure you're eating healthily.

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Time out

Okay, this probably was the most difficult point to follow for me but this year I will try harder. The closer you get to college the more work you'll have but try to go out of your house, get some air and forget about school even if it's just for an hour. Your teen years shouldn't be only about school so go for a run, have dinner with your friends, go to a nightclub, go to some painting classes... I don't know, anything that makes you happy and puts school away for a while.

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Hope you enjoyed the article and this can be useful!