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It is September already! Which is, at least to me, both scary – because of the few exams I need to pass so I can start my second year relaxed, and exciting – because it means that the most beautiful season of them all is just around the corner! Yes, I am talking about Fall or Autumn, whatever you like to call it. Nature will coat itself in many colors, mornings will be a bit chilly, it will be time for tea, hot cocoa, and desserts with pumpkin and dark chocolate or apple and cinnamon; time perfect for hikes in woods and reading by the window. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche:

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But, there is something else that comes with the Autumn: new seasons of our favorite TV series.

The one that I am looking forward to but which also makes me sad because it is the last for that show is – you may have already guessed it – 15th season of CW’s “SUPERNATURAL” .

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The 15th season will premiere October 10th and I am telling you, after last season’s finale, I am already biting my nails.

So, what I want to do here, as a hardcore fan to other hardcore fans is, to give you, in my opinion, list of 30 episodes to re-watch, to relive some crucial moments with our all-time favourite fictional brothers, to be reminded of how they have grown over years and to get (as much as possible) emotionally prepared for the one last “fight.”

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S1 E1 “Pilot”
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This is the episode I could quote all day – because I have watched it so many times and I remember all the lines! Even though it wasn’t the first episode of SUPERNATURAL I have ever watched, it is one of my favourites and it is essential for the plot to see how it all began… And, have you seen how young they are there!

S1 E12 “Faith”
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This episode gives me chills every time. This episode gave us a lot about Dean and how he sees the world. And, this was the first time boys have encountered a Reaper (not the “classic” one though).

S2 E1 “In My Time of Dying”
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Seeing Dean out of his body making peace with the fact he is going to die was very heart-breaking (until S3 finale crushed it completely…or S9 finale). This is also the episode when Winchesters started their complicated relationship with Death and Reapers . And John’s sacrifice…Quite a redemption.

S2 E21/22 “All Hell’s Break Loose (Part 1 and 2)”
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The first epic finale of the show. Winchester’s finally getting their revenge on YED. And don’t get me started on the moment of Sam’s death and Dean’s utter despair .

S3 E8 “A Very Supernatural Christmas”
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Since I am a SUPERNATURAL fan (so, this being the 5th year yay!), I have been watching this episode around Christmas every year. The episode itself is not somewhat special, but the fact it is Dean’s last Christmas before he winds up in hell and with Sam’s poor man’s attempt to make their last Christmas something, it is just so heart-warming and nostalgic.

S3 E16 “No Rest for the Wicked”
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Now, this is the heart-breaking episode I was talking about. Once the clock ticked midnight, Sam couldn’t do anything but stare and cry as his big brother was being literally dragged to hell.

S4 E1 “Lazarus Rising”
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Dean is back with hundred questions, Castiel makes his epic entrance bringing entire angel mythology which is just levelling this show up.

S4 E3 “In the Beginning”
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Castiel sends Dean back to 1973 where he meets younger versions of his parents , finds out interesting stuff about hunting as a part of his family’s history and talking his father into buying Impala is just awesome.

S5 E10 “Abandon all Hope”
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The end for Ellen and Jo was one of the most heartbreaking deaths on SUPERNATURAL . This episode is an emotional train, especially that kiss Dean and Jo shared.

S5E “Dark Side of the Moon”
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This is a real representation of how one man’s Heaven is another man’s Hell. It only gets so bad if we are talking about two brothers .

S5E22 “Swan Song”
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This episode was meant to be the last episode of the show: and despite it is one of the best episodes this show has ever had, we are glad it lasted 10 more years. This is another very epic finale and is a must-watch before the final finale.

S6 E15 “The French Mistake”
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One of the best meta-episodes and example of how unique show SUPERNATURAL is!

S6 E21 “Let It Bleed”
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In my opinion, Lisa and Ben were an extremely important part of Dean’s life. In the first episode of this season, we have seen Dean having as he would call it “normal-apple-pie-life” . And he was happy. In this episode, his happiness was almost taken away, and the moment when he makes Castiel erase him from Lisa and Ben’s memory is just heart-breaking.

S7 E10 “Death’s Door”
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Bobby Singer was one of the most loved characters of the show and the one whose death without coming back ( spoiler alert until Bobby from the Apocalypse world in S12 who is still with the boys). He was the father figure to the Winchester boys and our favourite fictional grumpy old guy.

S7 E12 “Time After Time”
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Dean in 1944, in a posh suit and with a hat. Do I need to say more?

S8 E12 “As Time Goes By”
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Dean and Sam’s grandfather, Henry Winchester , who time travelled and literally jumped out of closet introduces Winchester boys to their legacy.

S8 E23 “Sacrifice”
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Except I will remember Elsa every time Dean says “Let it go brother”, this episode is one of those epic finales I’ve been talking about. The Winchester brothers had one of the biggest brotherly moments with Dean forgiving Sam the fact he moved on and didn’t look for him and Castiel, and Sam trying to redeem himself to Dean by sacrificing through the trials. And the angels falling from the sky…gives chills.

S9 E5 “Dog Dean Afternoon”
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Dean performing a risky spell so he could get the most out of the German Shepherd who was the only witness to two murders. And getting some of the “dog-ish” behavior on the way.

S9 E23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”
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Yup. This is it. That one episode that got all Dean Girls into a river of tears for Dean. And we totally wanted to throw TV through the window because of Metatron.

S10 E12 “About a Boy”
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Teenage Dean being a hunter and dealing with “9-zits”? Totally worth a watch.

S10 E21 “Dark Dynasty”
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Once when the redheads have finally made a dynamic duo, one winds up dead. Charlie was that one character over whose death we just couldn’t get over – and no, even Apocalypse world Charlie doesn’t match up to our Charlie .

S11 E4 “Baby”
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How Winchesters’ lives look like from the perspective of every Dean Girls’ dream car…

S11 E8 “Just My Imagination”
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Dean and Sam wake up to imaginary friends being alive. Well, Sam’s only in this case.

S12 E11 “Regarding Dean”
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As a Dean Girl , it was predictable I would put this episode. But, let’s get serious, this is quite an episode. This episode is about Dean and Sam, about brothers. As Dean is breaking down in front of the mirror because he can’t remember who he, his brother, his parents and best friends are, Sam is losing his breather piece, by piece. Plus, Rowena is showing a soft spot for Winchester brothers.

S12 E23 “All Along the Watchtower”
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Lucifer versus Team Free Will for his still unborn son. And man, that ending…

S13 E15 “A Most Holy Man”
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For some reason, I really like this one. Dean and Sam are one thing away from completing ingredients to open a portal and save their mom and Jack. And they wind up on a black market for religious relics. And of course, everything ends up with a big turn of tables.

S13 E16 “ScoobyNatural”
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During this show, Dean had mentioned Scooby-Doo multiple times; even in the “Regarding Dean” , he sits down to watch it. It was just a matter of time when this episode would be made. And it is total hit! Even though it is a stand-alone type of episode, it is brilliant and you should totally (re)watch it.

S14 E13 “Lebanon”
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SUPERNATURAL’s 300th episode is quite a brilliant one – with John Winchester literally showing up from the thin air in the bunker and lives of his sons and his wife. The perfect family gathering soon starts going down, but hey, at least they got that family dinner.

S14 E20 “Moriah”
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Oh, no. This episode definitely left me…well, almost speechless. I mean, what happened? As if it wasn’t enough that we were torn between standing Dean’s ground and believing Jack doesn’t deserve forgiveness because he killed Mary and not wanting Jack dead, we got God who was supposed to fix everything revealed as the bad guy who had played the Winchesters all these years. And now Jack is dead and every single monster Dean and Sam have killed roams the Earth again.

“How will brothers get out of new troubles and save the world?” question is that all SUPERNATURAL fans are asking themselves.

And the answers will start coming October 10th.

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That was all for this article folks! There are many episodes that I wanted to include, but then I could’ve simply told you to watch the entire show because it is awesome. I will definitely be making more SUPERNATURAL articles and make a room for those I missed here. Quite a memory lane when I see all those titles. Smells like a complete re-watch after the show is over.

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‘Till the next article,
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