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11. Song that describes your childhood.


hello kitty and grunge image grunge, young, and friends image
So bounce if you've had enough of the people you know

12. Song that you will show your grandkids one day.

Beach in Hawaii - Ziggy Marley

Image removed Aloha, beach, and summer image
Love is like the open sea, and I wish you were here with me

13. Song that describes your personality.

Fallen angels - Black Veil Brides

angel, wings, and dark image Temporarily removed
Too lost to see the road. No need to feel this sorrow

Just a little bit haha

14. Song that describes your love life.

Willow - Jasmine Thompson

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I wouldn't leave you, I would hold you when the last day comes

What a beautiful song ♡

15. Song that describes the rest of 2019.

Chocolate - The 1975

chocolate image boy, smoke, and aesthetic image
We go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats

16. Song that describes your past.

Just tonight - The Pretty Reckless

lights and woman image Temporarily removed
Just tonight I won't leave and i'll lie and you'll believe

17. Song that describes your future.

MANTRA - Bring Me The Horizon

sea, hand, and ocean image girl, sad, and black and white image
Before the truth will set you free, it'll piss you off

Song that describes your worst trait.

Bass god - Last Dinosaurs

aesthetic, album, and bambi image stars, sky, and night image
Don't worry all the time 'bout everything

True :(

So... this is the end :') haha hope you liked it and continue to follow me.

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emily s.b

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