Hello Angels, it's me Ariel!

How are you?

Recently I've been thinking about words. I'm a communications student who works at a library. I'm surrounded by books all the time; it was bound to happen. I'm also surrounded by people. I help them, I guide them, I learn from them. And one lesson that took a long time for me to grasp was the power of words.

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There are many people living through hardships, as we all have. It's important to recognize the issues in life, but the problem arises when it's all we recognize. Life isn't going to be all sunshine and rainbows; it would be foolish to think otherwise. But it isn't all storms, either. Many of our issues, I believe, exist, to teach us. My hardest trials have changed the way I've seen life, again and again.

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This might be recognizable to some as the Law of Attraction, or the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. We've all known people who have nothing good to say about anything. They roll their eyes, complain, cross their arms, and argue about everything. And if they can't argue, they talk about others behind their backs or find catharsis by name-calling online. In my life, these are the people who are always finding the worst things happening to them. All the time. A lot of the times people do this without realizing it, and just say that what their saying is "true".

Here are some examples:
"I'm broke" "I suck at this" "Nothing good ever happens to me" etc.

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I don't know about you, but if I had any chance to take any power over my life, I would take it. My way? Through my words. Through smiling. And if I can't find it in me to smile, I don't. But I made a pact with myself to never complain. Because of any problem that comes my way is a challenge I want to take on. I want to at least try to find a solution before I get to cry over it. I seek help. And if it's not something I can control, why stress myself out when there's nothing I can do? There are better things to think about, like the people I love and who love me. Like my community. Like every good thing that has happened/been said to me.

My advice to slowly change the way you see/speak?

  • Start with gratefulness every morning. Think of everything you have and be grateful for it. Whatever you have, be grateful for it.
  • Delete Instagram/twitter/facebook whatever app that unknowingly causes you unhappiness or causes you to compare yourself/your life to others.
  • Remember that you have survived 100% of your past problems.
  • There are hundreds of sweet, minute, fleeting moments gone unnoticed every day. Find them. Catch them. Savor them. There's something beautiful hidden in the mundane.
  • Pay attention to the way others' words affect you. We read countless social media posts a day and whether they're good or bad, we're absorbing them. Try to absorb less slander/negativity. This includes the friends you hang out with and who you work with.

This is meant to be food for thought. An alternative to the negativity and harshness I see more and more in our culture. Maybe forgiveness isn't out of reach for anyone. Maybe we can see everyone (including ourselves) as humans who make mistakes because that's how we progress.

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This doesn't only concern ourselves, but it concerns other people, too. People have a tendency to say things online that they wouldn't typically say in person. Why? Because they're not face-to-face interactions. I've heard many say that they're just joking, or that they're messing around, calling other people too sensitive, etc. But the things they say are completely nasty and unnecessary. They don't see or understand how what they say can affect other people (yes even celebrities. They're human, too).

We as a society push our children to be kind, but it's so hard to teach these days when we see grown adults, public figures, politicians calling each other names and ripping into each other. It's disheartening, and I truly believe we can do better for the sake of setting better examples for the next generation.

And so I end this on a positive note to say I have faith in each and every one of us to think critically about what we say. We can be kinder. We can love more and respect much more. We can't control what happens to us, but we can control ourselves and the way we react.

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Speak goodness into your life and do the same for others (even if they "don't deserve it")

Love, Ariel

This article was written by @illuminatedangel on the We Heart It Writers Team.