i'm not sure who to give credit here to because i have seen these everywhere recently and have lost the one that inspired me.. so thanku to whoever started this ig c:

alyssa harp



nike, theme, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bling, and cyber image black, body, and goal image love cute couples, pets animals, and accurate relatable image
tanned skin, dark hair, greenish blue eyes w a shaved eyebrow and a cute septum piercing + many old school type tattoos <3


frank ocean and blonde image Temporarily removed rp, tmg, and dark theme image ski mask, โ€‹louisvuitton, and jahseh image
frank ocean, my queen kim kardashian (don't diss me pls), noel miller + jahseh

best friends

peep and lil peep image joji miller and joji image tyler the creator, golf, and golf wang image Temporarily removed
gustav, joji, ty and abel <3


theme, outfit, and angel image Image removed Temporarily removed kanye west, kim kardashian, and kimye image
i wan my current crush to be my boyfrien so obvs i dont got pictures but uwu i love he.


Image by K Y L I E dress, beige, and body image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and girl image


fashion, bag, and style image Abusive image car, luxury, and mercedes image Temporarily removed Mature image aesthetic, theme, and city image girl and money image Temporarily removed