A: Age

coffee, cafe, and cup image letters and vintage image

B: Best Feature

hands, aesthetic, and art image Image by عطرالياسمين
my hands

C: Color (s)

blue, aesthetic, and dress image blue, aesthetic, and baby blue image
blue,watching sky is one of my best hobbies

D: Deepest Regret

aesthetic, theme, and soft image makeup, aesthetic, and pink image

E: Every morning starts with

bed, bedroom, and home image Image by mattamanga
wear my most fashionable clothes

F: Fear (s)

red, aesthetic, and lollipop image Temporarily removed
nothing certain

G: Goals

fire, quotes, and women image empowerment, feminism, and girl power image
just be happy and healthy during my life

H: Hobbies

dark and piano image books, vase, and vintage image purple, aesthetic, and phone image aesthetic, cats, and creativity image
reading books,playing piano,listening to music,writing diary and of course drawing

J: Job of my dreams

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, goals, and motivation image
something about maths and science,apparently ı want to learn quadrivium

K: Kinks
I dont have an idea what this word means

L: Last thing I ate

2016, Dream, and family image Temporarily removed

M: Movie

autumn, fall, and harry potter image nap, vintage, and audrey hepburn image
It is changin a lot

N: Nationality

drama and movie image drama and movie image

O: Ootd

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
oversize and casual

P: Personality

dress, fashion, and girl image dress, aesthetic, and royal image
a cynical,determined,stubborn girl

Q: Questions often asked

Image removed
How are you://///////

R: Reasons to smile

Image removed Image removed
If ı want to smile ı listen What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

S: Sexuality

fashion, aesthetic, and flowers image beach, shell, and bag image
I havent got a boyfriend or kiss or sexuality yet,ı havent fall in love yet

T: TV Show

how i met your mother, himym, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
How I met your mother?

U: Underwater Animals

sea, ocean, and summer image sea, beach, and summer image
I love eating all seafoods so......

V: Vacation Spot

hawaii, vacation, and resorts image Aloha, beach, and summer image
Hawaii*-*sea,sand and sun

W: Worst Habit

petra, photography, and architecture image Image by CE Donia Nabil Samara
sometimes ı can be very cynical

X: X-Rays I`ve had

etsy, wall decor, and tragedy comedy masks image astrology image
just dont remember

Y: Your favorite alcoholic drink

vintage, aesthetic, and champagne image drink, rose, and wine image
champagne but I dont really drink alcoholic drinks(only in weddings) I am just 15

Z: Zodiac Sign

cartoon, pink, and bubbles image Image removed
scorpio but ı dont believe ZODIAC SIGNS!!!!!!!!!!