Name:Eleanor Ripsom
Alias:pretty face,sweet cheeks,sugar,Rchie's crush,Bower's girl,angel,Elly,Els.
Age:13 in the beginning,17 now
Birthday:12 December 1976


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she have long brown hair,blue eyes and she always wear the turtle necklace that her aunt gave her for her eleventh birthday.


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she is the classic girl next door,the sweet and popular girl that everyone know and like,the dream girl that is very kind and available to you.But when she is alone she break in to a million of pieces because of her family and a boyfriedn who controll her and treat her like shit.


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she came from a normal family,everything was perfect:she had a sister who was her whole world,two parents and a aunt who loved her more than anything.But everything changed when her sister disappeared.Her mother went out of her mind,she had forgotted that she had another daugther so Eleanor had started to take care of her,of the house,of the meals,and she started to work to have some money.On the other hand her father become overprotective of her and he always fight with his wife because she allows their daughter to hang ou with Henry Bowers and his gang.
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Mr. Ripsom:father
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Elizabeth "Betty" Ripsom:twin sister,decessed.
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Tamara Ripsom:paternal aunt


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she and Beverly met the boys at the farmacy when they were looking for pads for Bev,and they didn't have enough money to fix Ben up.Although she already know them from school,and they already know her because she was everything Richie talked about,because of his crush on her,and because she was "dating" Henry.They become friends when all of them decided to fight it and find Bill'brother and Eleanor'sister.
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Beverly Marsh:bestfriend
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Richie Tozier
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Bill Denbrough
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Mike Hanlon
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Ben Hanscom
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Stan Uris
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Eddie Kaspbrak


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spiders,to lose somone else she love,Henry and creepy dolls.


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the first time she saw it was one night when she came back home from her aunt flower shop,where she works too.Her aunt had asked her to go in the greenhouse behind her house to take some fertilizer.She heard Henry voice calling her "time to play,Eleanor" then she saw Henry in front of her,thinking that it was a joke she had scold him but the he trasformed in a huge spider running to her,thank god her aunt heard her scream and the spider disappeared when she entered the greenhouse.The second time happened when she came home after cleaning Bev bathroom:she went on the tree house like she used to play with her sister,under the wallpaper she founded engraved "we are legion" and "i'm legion,we are many" written evrywhere,here she met it in the clown form,she runned down the wooden stairs and she almost break her ankle.The third time happened before Beverly kidnapping and after the crakhead house:she saw a red baloon floating towards her sister room,than she heard her voice:when she entered in her room she founded her sister legs on the bed and a creepy huge doll screaming with her sister voice,but before it could take her she runned out of her house hearing him screaming "Say hi to Beverly from me".


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listening to music,reading comics,collecting elastics for hair and hang ou with the losers


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she works with her aunt at her flowers shop,their more frequent customer is Richie,who everyday comes to get a bunch of sunflowers,Eleanor favorite flowers,for his grandma who "doesn't feel very good".


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after IT first defeat they swore that when it will wake up again they will fight him.Betty and Georgie were dead,and both Bill and Eleanor were there for each other,her mother and father were devastated but even if Betty wasn't there anymore her mother has returned to work,to take care of her and the house while her father wasn't all on her like before.Many thing had happened in the crakhead house:Stan nearly died like Beverly,Eleanor had killed Henry,they founded Georgie and Betty bodies and Richie kissed her after he had admitted hid feelings for her at Henry house when the losers came to save her and for telling her that It had took Beverly.When Bev had left Derry and went to Chicago,Eleanor was really sad but thank to god she had five friends and a new soon boyfriend who loves her with his entire heart.


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Henry Bowers:first boyfriend,decessed.After Betty had disappeared Eleanor was broken and lost,Henry took the opportunitunity to have her all for himself.Soon the rumors were spread,the city sweetheart wad dating the bully.Henry treated her like some shit,like some slut you pay for,she had lost her virginity with him and she started smooking but fortunatly they story ended quickly,even if it was her who killed him.
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Richie Tozier:boyfriend and later husband.Richie had the biggest crush on her since they were six years old,when Henry had stolen Richie animals cookies and Eleanor punche him on the nose.Growing up he always thought that she was hot and he could't help but stare at her because he could't speak straight to her and everyone where shooked that Trashmouth was such a mess for a girl.Like with Henry,no one had ever tought to see Richie Trashmouth Tozier and Eleanor pretty face Ripsom together.