Hi, I'm a 18 yo girl who have 0 knowledge about what she wants to do. all my friends and kids my age have their lives figure out, i can't control but compare myself to them and jealousy is turning into hatred and it's taking all over my head.
But one thing is sure we can always turn this jealousy into motivation! as long we're not numb towards our failures everything's gonna be okay, we might be confused but we'll figure things out one day.
it's a love letter::
Be bold and have enough courage to find yourself and what truly is important to you, forget people judgement's. let go of what's holding you back your fears and your insecurities let them go. you're worth more and deserve more. when it comes to yourself never let your mind fool you to settle for less.
dear readers don't give up as long as we're breathing and questioning ourselves we're in the right path.
with love, your stranger friend who loves you <3

Some quotes for motivation:

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