Name : Irina Rosier
Age : 17
Since she is in her seventh year at Hogwarts she intends to make it her best. Her blood status and family protect her from everything, that's why she does what she does, because there will be no repercussion.

Physical appearance

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Blonde hair, hazel eyes, freckles all over her body, glossy pink lips


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Head of house

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Severus Snape. She hates him because of his arrogance and because he doesn't stop people from using blood related slurs.

Purity of blood

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Pure blood, her mother comes from an ancient pure family, her father was a death eater who was killed by an auror during her first year at Hogwarts. Her mother remaried with a muggle-born and they had her sister.


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A little half-sister in Gryffindor, she is a half-blood.

Favorite subject

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Potions even if she hates Snape


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A black cat named Lucifer because she thought that it would anger her mother.


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Kind of sexy schoolish. She likes to play with the power her body gives her. Likes to "innocently" play with her clothes.


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She is extremely ambitious, likes to flirt a lot with teachers and students of all genders.