How to Read a Book: The Ultimate Guide for readers


The digital age encourages us, first of all, to watch a movie, to sit on the Internet, rather than to sit in a comfortable chair and read a book. Yes, there’s nowhere to go from electronics, but this is no reason to distance yourself from paper sources of knowledge and inspiration. Reading books certainly increases life expectancy. For at least precisely these reasons, you should read every day:

Reading can be compared to food, or even fitness to the brain. Like any other muscle in our body, the brain must be kept in good shape. Reading involves stimulation of mental activity that maintains high brain activity. The more you read, the stronger and healthier it will serve you. Scientific studies confirm that even simple reading significantly reduces the risk of developing Alzh

eimer's disease in old age and slows the progression of the disease.
How to read books: effective reading

1. Set a goal. The benefit of reading will be maximum only if he has a clear goal. For example, if you need to urgently find important information, it makes sense to use the viewing or fact-finding method of reading, and study the useful fragment more deeply. If with the help of the book you hope to learn something in all the details, a learning method is suitable.

2. Choose a good book. Reading everything is a bad idea. Choose only quality literature. Read reviews and reviews, carefully review the content. Do not start reading until you are sure that the book contains exactly what you are looking for.

3. Read in short sessions. Read in one gulp is poorly remembered. If you intend to read the book in a study or introductory way (in full), divide the process into several days or even weeks. Non-fiction is best read in the morning, when the brain is alert and open to new knowledge, and fiction is more suitable for evening sessions.

4. Write down what you read. When reading special literature, write down the most important points. So you will remember them much better and will be able to quickly find them if necessary.

5. Refuse perfectionism. Do not read simply because it’s a pity to quit. If the book turned out to be useless to you, that makes no sense. Leave her alone and do some really good literature. It doesn’t matter how much you read if you don’t remember or learn anything.

6. Read regularly. Accustom yourself to daily reading and soon you will notice how your life begins to change for the better. You will become more confident, smarter, wiser, more sociable, and difficulties in your life will stop frightening you.


Just imagine that you can learn any skill, communicate with great people who died millennia ago, learn almost any fact known to mankind. Whatever your question, the answer is contained in the books, as many hundreds of people asked them before you. In a word, books are the best weapon in battle on life fronts. Arm yourself!

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