riding my bike alongside you where the sun beaming on our backs,
your soft smile giving me butterflies,
never stopping in our tracks,
just admiring your brown eyes.

I wish that dream never ended,
how I wish I could only go back to where we were,
a dream so sweet yet faded,
it's starting to become a blur.

with you, it feels like an eternity,
it's like we were meant to be,
but now I'm stuck in modernity,
if only we could be re-united under the birch tree.

even though that dream felt like it only lasted for a few seconds,
with you, I'd gladly accept anything,
I felt like I was in heaven,
I promise you it wasn't a fling.

I haven't forgotten that dream, oh how much I miss that dream, I know I couldn't hear what we were talking about but it sure did feel like I was on top of the world.

i truly hope we get to meet again , mysterious guy. <3 lots of love - Belle