Words are our most powerful instrument, and with a great use of them comes a great power.

While I was listening to Sad Beautiful Tragic by Taylor Swift I realised the truth in its first lines,

Words, how little they mean, when you're a little too late.
-Taylor Swift

When you don't get to express how you feel in time you regret it, because the words will never be free, and you will wonder what would have happened if you had said what you wanted to. Would your life be different now? Would you be different? Would that person have stayed?

On the other hand, they can be really comforting and useful at times. When someone makes a compliment the feeling is, honestly, pretty amazing and I'm sure that these words will be lingering in your head all day. They can help you comfort a friend when they feel down or even make them laugh.

But, to me, the greatest power that words have is the ability to help you travel to another reality, another world. Books are like the most shining diamond in the crown, beautiful and precious. It still amazes me how I feel like I'm part of the story I'm reading, how I can be anything durig some time.

Books can make our dreams come true. Aren't they incredible weapons?

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