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Seeing the welcome that has had the article "how to have a good day" I decided to share my current night routine, always with the intention of inspiring you. Remember that it isn't necessary to do it the same, you just have to look for your balance. Enjoy 😊

1. Clean my space

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After having been studying or working at home, I pick up and clean my desk and leave it ready for the next day. Cleaning my atmosphere helps me to have a calmer and tidier mind.

2. Prepare a good snack

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I take a break to enjoy a good healthy snack. Lately I've been hooked on fruit bowls. They are so healthy, so rich and so quick to prepare that they have conquered me. My favorite is that of strawberries, blueberries, mango and coconut milk and rice.

3. Move your cu-cu

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Time to move our body. I take the opportunity to go to the gym, go for a walk or do yoga at home. The goal is to find a sport that makes you happy. If you still haven't found it, nothing happens, go trying different activities until you find your balance.

4. Time to get a shower!

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During this time, I take the opportunity to bring my mind back to the present. For this, I put relaxing music, without lyrics and I focus on myself, my body, my hair, my face and my mind.

5. Dinner time

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I prepare a good dinner full of natural ingredients. I avoid eating heavy foods for better digestion. Don't forget to brush your teeth!

6. Relax time

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I make my room more cozy with lights and candles. I disconnect the phone, put relaxing music and listen to myself.

Take the opportunity to:

- Write: about my emotions and feelings

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- Read: some chapter of my current list of books

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- Affirmations: I read some of my favorite affirmations

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- Grateful: I take this opportunity to thank you today. In case you had a bad day, I just imagine how I wish it would have been to take a good taste in my mouth before going to sleep.

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- Peace: I finally meditate for 5 minutes and zzz goodnight ♥.

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If you want me to write something in particular, I am open to suggestions.

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Much love to all.

With love, C.