Autumn is really my favourite season so I am planning on writing a few more autumn-themed articles.
I saw the autumn/ fall tag

and I was inspired so here it goes :)

What indicates the beginning of autumn for you?

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For me, the beginning of autumn is signified by the weather getting cooler, the days getting shorter but also there is certain smell in the air when autumn arrives which is hard to describe but I love it and i know that autumn is finally here.

do you live for fall or Halloween?

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Normally in these articles, one should choose one thing or another but as I love both fall and Halloween a lot I cannot choose. Overall Fall is my favourite season of all but Halloween is such a great day and I love it so much.

Halloween/ Samhain

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I love Halloween I have always loved since I was a child. Going trick or treating, getting dressed up, lots of candy and Halloween themed movies like Halloween town or the Addams family. The day of Halloween has taken on a new meaning in the last year as I have started to practice witchcraft and following the wheel of the year. The sabbat which takes place during Halloween is called Samhain.

Favourite autumn scent?

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My favourite autumn scent is just the scent that you can smell outside once autumn has arrived and it has started to get cooler and starts raining. I love the smell of rain. I also like the warm smell of spices like nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon in candles or in my food.

Favourite autumn song?
It is pretty hard to choose my favourite autumn song which means i have a playlist full of them.

Favourite autumn colours?

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I really love brown, mustard yellow and oranges as well.

big scarves or big sweaters?

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I love big cosy sweaters and they are so comfy.
  • Your most loved fall activity?*
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I love walking around outside and just enjoying the falling leaves and beautiful autumn nature and atmosphere. Also, I love cooking and baking especially during fall so I love making pies, soups and more.

Disney movies or scary movies?

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Disney movie or any kind of non-scary movie because I really do not like scary movies or horror movies. There is nothing better than to watch some nice movies cuddle up and enjoy a nice hot drink while watching.

Hocus pocus or Halloweentown?

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Halloweentown is just my favourite Halloween movie ever and I have been watching it since I was a child.

rainy days or snowy nights?

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I love rainy days just cuddling up with my blankets watch a movie, read a good book or do some writing.

I hope you enjoyed this article
see you soon