Hello lovely friends, here I am again, with another article, other thoughts and wishes. I was thinking this days about what is like to be in a perfect couple, what is that means " a perfect couple" ? so I'm gonna answer to this question.
To be " a perfect couple", let's be like ...
1. Halsey and G-eazy in Him and I
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Let's make crazy things, let's run together in the night, let's kiss on the stress, let them know that I am yours and you are mine.
2. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin
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Let's go see A Whole new World, make me love you, for who you really are, show me that you are different.
3. Tris and Four in Divergent - Insurgent - Allegiant
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Let's be a Divergent couple, let's think different, let's make a change in the world, love me because I'm not like others, be there for me, even if it's good or bad.
4. Xayah and Rakan - The Rebel Couple
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Let's be rebellious, let's play games, be my support in life and I'm gonna kill for you, be my support in game and we will always win, take care of me when the world breaks down.
5. Erika and King Dominick ( Barbie Princess and the Pauper ) - Love me for me
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I'm not a Princess, I'm a simple girl, but if you gonna love me for me, for who I am, I will do the same thing.
6. Mare Barrow and Cal - Red Queen books
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Be my ally, become my friend, show me that you can change for what you love, let me be your Queen, let's rule together.
A couple can be more than that, this is the way I see myself, the way I want a relationship, the way I want to live in a couple. Find your own way, find that person, the right one and live every moment.
With Love, Zarrina!!!