blue, box, and canvas image
a black,sparkling wallet

2-My keys

keys, minimalism, and candycolors image
ın my key holder,ı have only keys because adornments are disconnected

3-My telephone and headphone

glasses, pink, and tumblr image
of course,technology is essential


bottles, flask, and water image
a cute,long hydroflask is my choice//ı feel soo thirsty in school

5-a book

book, aesthetic, and beige image
sometimes my only request is reading book alone

6. Binders

school, college, and study image

7-My pencil case

school, coffee, and college image college, pen, and pencil case image
ı have some cute pencils in it


aesthetic, art, and calligraphy image


Temporarily removed
snacks are my best friend!!!

10-Beauty Bag

Image removed
It is necessary for unprepared photo shoots,normally I dont make up(maybe lipstick and hand creams)


college, education, and exams image

12-a planner

motivation, notebook, and planner image

13-Gum and deodorant

aesthetic, colors, and food image pink image
sweat and foul breath is very bad