hello everyone, its been a few months since I last posted an article. While on hiatus, I became a vegetarian (besides studying hard!) though I'm not fully committed yet, I think helping to cut down the global carbon footprint by reducing meat intakes, we really need to make those little lifestyle changes to protect our environment! (Tote bags for grocery shopping, metal straws, having a zero waste life style even!) I'll share with you guys my journey on how to make that switch!

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Switch to a pescartarian / pollotarian diet! (Restrict your meats to either fish, seafood / chicken) to gradually phase out the meats and increase your plants intake.
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Reduce your meat intakes via substitution as well! Experiment with vegan/ veg recipes and ensure that you maintain your daily nutrients intake! have an extra cup of broccoli, snack on cherry tomatoes, switch out ur chicken into tofu/mushrooms/ potatoes
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experiment with green drinks! personally, this helped me tremendously, I add honey into my smoothies to make them sweeter and it does encourage me to transit better into a veg diet. also, I literally live on almond milk for my coffee these days...

It wasn't always an easy journey and I hope to be able to sustain this diet! I understand that such a diet plan isn't for everyone but finding that inner motivation to keep going and staying loyal to your plans would be more important than simply jumping on the bandwagon. I hope you had fun reading this!! Lets all cut down on our plastics and carbon footprints in other aspects and push for a greener and more sustainable living!! xx