first, for a comfort box you need your comfort people and your comfort objects.

this whole box is meant for people with problems with themselves, which seems like us all, but great for anxiety attacks or disassociation where you feel like flying off, not really there in the moment.

the box could be filled with things that bring you in awe of holding it's energy and love in your hands. i'm sure you have these things that remind you of so much love.. light..power. it's somewhere in your closet, most of the time untouched because it's too meaningful and you're afraid to break it? this should be one of your comfort objects.

we often try to hide these away. maybe cause they are too powerful to our sight. if you have only one of these, that's OKAY. it's perfect. just put that in your box. it can also be a bag or just a place where you can collect stuff.

now, there's no real rules with how you should use this box. you'll make the most of it in your own pace. when you need it, it's there. when you don't need it but feels like it could be nice to feel the love of that person or memory but he/she isn't around right now, let's go to the box.

the ultimate goal with this is peace. inner peace. and yes, it still matters if it lasts for a minute, only that visiting time. it's supposed to calm you down. to give you the biggest invisible hug when you open the lid. and it will if you follow your feelings when choosing the objects.

i hope this works and helps you in any way. i found out about this from Kati Morton, she's a therapist and a youtuber and she has a series of trauma advice videos. it's right here.

!when you're choosing these objects make sure when you're holding it, does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. maybe caused by a thought it gives you or the origin of where you got it or where that thing has been. try to look for that sign!

´this reminds me of when i was little i found a necklace of a skull with spikes coming out of it. i thought it had been drifted to me from pirates as a sign i'm one of them and they're going to get me someday, away from all of these too normal people. it gave me joy, belief in my dreams, it made me dream some more and just be happy in myself. i don't know, it thought this might be a good example if you don't know what your object could be.´ okay, i will go. stop typing now. okay okay i'll go. byye.