So as all students have already felt it's THE SEPTEMBER. All that #backtoschool kind of stuff are back to our lives. Some of the thoughts are making us anxious, some of them (thank you, Athena) are ready to get us through the month.
But heyyy, it's not only about getting through it. It's about conquering it, owning it, making the best version of it. Despite the fact that we are all in schools or colleges. AGAIN.

So hey. Let's get a little motivated about us being in those classes, okayy?


It is what it is. It is what you are going to get. It is what you might need to do. It exists.

How do I make it a little bit more easily?

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Well, coffee, tea, cacao especially in Autumns, even a water makes you more relaxed, more cozy, more yourself.
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It helps. And it doesn't look that hard to understand when it's all in colors and sticky notes. Even if you spend a little extra time on that. Also, it can be fun. Get creative, girl.
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Yep. Music is a thing. Not for everybody. But to some it really helps. I always choose classical over the ones with the voices. It helps me get concentrated.
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iPhone is not gonna do homework for you. So just put it somewhere other place and don't get disturbed few times a minute. And heyy, if you are capable of using it to help you study - go ahead. Just no texting, no swiping, no scrolling - you are studying, remember?
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Well, I don't know about you, but being in contact lenses and studying for a long time isn't that comfortable. So I recommend going to the shop and finding the best looking glasses that you'd be motivated to study with.
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You are going to spend late evening, maybe even nights studying to achieve your dream life. Get comfortable about studying. Get some cozy socks so that you won't get cold during those Autumn - Winter nights by the fireplace or by the window. Get some candles to make the better atmosphere all around - if you are going to feel good, you are going to do good. And you can light up your place by putting some flowers or any other alive plant.


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It's like paramedic's bag: you have to have EVERYTHING. Legit. You never know what's about to happen. You never know where you'll end up in the evening.
So be prepared.

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And I'd like to add some extra:

  • shirt (if you are not gonna make it home tonight)
  • makeup survival kit
  • moisturizer and something to wipe away your makeup (also if you are won't make it home)
  • hair brush
  • blanket (what if you'll end up somewhere cold and you're gonna be in summer's outfit?)
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • socks
  • nails file and nail polish
  • deodorant
  • sunglasses
  • little cute mirror
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