hello! i'll be listing 10 of my favorite songs i listened to last month that i really like and want to share with you guys.

there will be a spotify link at the end of the article and a list of my top 3 favorite songs from this playlist :)

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1. needs - verzache
2. honeypie - johnny utah
3. mission control - knox hamilton
4. dance, baby! - boy pablo
5. cherry cola - kuwada
6. marlboro nights - lonely god
7. everytime - boy pablo
8. bossa no se - cuco, jean carter
9. make you mine - public
10. new light - john mayer
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spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0ESIgCTHy3lId38ngxBgan

my personal favorites:
1. mission control
2. new light
3. dance, baby!

thanks for reading :)
i hope you enjoyed some of the songs in my playlist. here are other playlists i've made:

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thanks for sticking till the end!
- sam :)

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