So I'm starting a new series where I compile a large list of advice every few days to post as an article. The sources range from Instagram to Pinterest, and will include as much information as I can find. This first part will be back to school themed.

1. Quick back to school breakfast ideas: oatmeal, smoothies, protein bars, PB and bananas on bread or on rice cakes, cereal, eggs and toast, fruit bowl, bacon and eggs

2. After school and night routine: do your homework, change into comfy clothes, do any chores, relax, eat dinner, plan your outfit for the next day, pack your backpack, try to go to sleep earlier

3. Some things you should keep in your bag: tampons/pads, hair ties, lip balm, water bottle, pain killers (Advil, Ibuprofen, etc.), small perfume, deodorant, lotion, mascara, tissues, charger, portable charger, earphones, hand sanitizer, gum/mints, brush, emergency money, pens/pencils, band aids, snacks, lint roller, oil blotting sheets

4. School apps: Dictionary, Duolingo, Microsoft (or Google) apps, Evernote, Photomath, Timetable

5. What to do if you get your phone taken away (or want to unplug after a stressful day!): take a relaxing shower or bath, make food, watch TV, play with pets, go on a walk, try new hairstyles, learn something new with makeup, do something with skincare, read a book, draw or paint, online shop (if you have a computer), make a collage, make tea, practice an instrument, write a song

6. If you're going to plagiarize, plagiarize something in a foreign language. Translate it and touch up the results. (not my tip and not a suggestion from me as an alternative to your own hard work but it might help you if you're in a pinch)

7. When you start a new class or subject, leave the first few pages blank in your notebook for a table of contents.

8. To memorize something, write it in blue ink.

9. If you have a headache and don't have aspirin or you're not allowed to, eat 10-12 almonds and it will have the same effect.

10. You can use a dish washing rack to organize your binders, pencils, and other school supplies when you're at home.

11. To differentiate your notebooks from each other when they're in your backpack, color the top corners a different color per subject.

12. Use an empty picture frame, window, or mirror as a whiteboard to write down all important dates, such as due dates, study days, activities, etc.

13. Always carry an emergency kit just in case. Things like [period products, hygiene products, etc.

14. Don't change yourself or act differently to make friends. That attracts toxic people. Find people that love your for you.

15. If you have nobody to talk to in a certain class, the best thing is to keep your head down and work, or at least act like you are.

16. Stay away from anybody who is known to start drama. That's the last thing you want to be getting into unnecessarily.