Protagonist from the book I'm currently writing, "Thorns", a hard story that includes several taboos. I already made an article about his twin sister, read it here:

Now, meet my boy ❣❣

Name: Sebastian Harmeling.

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Comes from the Greek name Sebastianos (Σεβαστιανός), meaning "from Sebastia", a Greek city currently known as Sivas.

Age: 17-18

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He starts at 17 and later in the story turns 18. Flashbacks from his childhood are shown.


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Sebastian has dark, straight hair. His eyes are big and amber colour. He's a basketball player, so he's tall and has a toned body. Sebastian seems like a bad boy too.


Sebastian is everything but uncommon. He's just a typical, relaxed and laidback teenage boy who takes no shit seriously at all. He may come off a bit of a brat sometimes.

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He knows he's handsome and acts like a gentleman to use it to his benefit to get girls whenever he wants. Has problems commiting to a relationship.


Sebastian was the lucky one when it comes to his dysfunctional family.

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His father was absent most of his life, so by the time of his death, Sebastian couldn't care much about him.
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His mom is his main parental figure. He was mostly raised only by her. Sebastian loves her dearly and appreciates every effort she has done to give him the priviliged life he has.
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Sebastian didn't see his twin sister, Rose, for more than a decade. Once she returns to live with him and his mom, he'll try to recover the brother-sister relationship they're supposed to have.
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His older half-brother, Mark, has a good relationship with Sebastian. They frequent each other since they don't live together. They grew up very close.


Sebastian has a ton of hobbies and prefers to keep up with them rather than homework

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He spents most of his free time playing music on his guitar or electric keyboard. Sebastian also likes to watch movies with Rose. He's a sporty guy, so he likes to work out and play sports. And, maybe not exactly a hobbie, but Sebastian is very outgoing and likes to party a lot.

Love interest

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His twin sister, Rose. Having her move so suddenly into his home without seeing her for years, caused Sebastian to realize he is not able to see Rose as his sister and slowly develop a romance for her.


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