Originally, the title of this story is Three Sides of a Love Triangle. This fanfic comic that I was working on back in around 2015 also included a love triangle between Merida, Hiccup, and Anna. Hiccup has a crush on Anna, but she already has a boyfriend. Merida is in denial and doesn't want to admit that she likes Hiccup and that she's jealous of Anna. In the original draft, Anna and Elsa visit their cousin (it's not canon, but in this fanfic, they are cousins) Rapunzel, who has a huge crush on Jack Frost. He doesn't feel the same way about her. Here comes Elsa, who catches Jack's eyes. Elsa doesn't feel the same way towards him because she DOESN'T KNOW Jack personally. She's not the type to fall in love with a hot guy. Elsa's not like Anna. In most Jelsa fanfics, they always portray Elsa having the hots for Jack when she first sees him. In the end, Punzie and Elsa make up and apologize to each other. This fanfiction is about how friendship is more important than the guy.

The reason I didn't continue on with the project is 1.) I got a job, so I didn't have the time to do it anymore, and 2.) the story simply isn't working. It was set in Rapunzel's time period, and I changed the setting. I tried doing it in a modern setting, but the plot is rather thin. So I decided to abandon it altogether. There was supposed to be a written version and a comic version. Here's the ORIGINAL version of the comics. As you can see, it's tacky and the fonts aren't the same. This is the first time I wrote a wall of text in a WeHeartIt article.

frozen, jack frost, and romance image

The picture I used in the left didn't really convey Elsa's true feelings after Jack kissed her.

cousins, rapunzel, and elsa image