Hey guys! I created a new playlist that I have been listening to on repeat. It's filled with my favourite type of songs. Sometimes melancholy, sometimes a tad bit sad and others slightly more upbeat than others. It's great to listen to late at night when you're on that 3am homework grind, studying or just chilling. This is one of my favourite playlists ahah :)

Here's a link to the playlist if you would like to follow it:

โ™ช Now let's go over some of my favourite songs included in this little playlist! โ™ช

Jesus in LA by Alec Benjamin

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He's such an underrated artist. His voice is so lovely to hear and his songs always sound amazing. Highly recommend this song !!

2 soon by keshi

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I love all his songs with a passion. His voice is like honey okAY. Listen to this song, I love it.

hot girl bummer by blackbear

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This song is a LITERAL bop. It sounds so good and the lyrics are so fun to listen to (as seen on the right hehe)

Daylight by JAIE, NYK

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Their voices compliment each other so well, the song just has a very nice and smooth beat :)

you're my world by atlas

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Peppermint Smiles by tiffi

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This song is just very cute and soft :)

wish you were gay by Billie Eilish

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Her songs are always so good. I really like the soft beat in this song specifically.

through and through by khai dreams

SICK by gnash and CXLOE

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Hope you guys enjoyed this! Remember to drink lots of water and take good care of yourselves <3