I started reading about this challenge a lot, everyone talking about series, my favorite subject, so I have decided to do one myself (and maybe stared with articles 🤷‍♀️)

PD: I'm not good at writing (English is not my first language) so if you see a mistake sorry!, I hope you understand😅❤



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1.Favorite TV Show

aesthetic, archer, and arrow image aesthetic, arrow, and beautiful image Temporarily removed Mature image aesthetic, arrow, and green image Image removed
Arrow I loved it since the first episode, the characters, the plot, the actors, the action everything ( #olicity 😍)

2.Favorite character of a TV Show


Abusive image la casa de papel, berlin, and oslo image money, rich, and luxury image quotes, hero, and woman image
Nairobi- La casa de Papel/money heist sooo badass, for me the best representation of female power.


arrow image arrow, oliver queen, and stephen amell image arrow, oliver queen, and stephen amell image aesthetic, archer, and arrow image
Oliver Queen from Arrow I don know why he's my favorite I just love everything about him, besides he is so hot!

3.TV show you're ashamed to admit you watch

Image removed Abusive image book, eating, and people image blood, drew barrymore, and Timothy Olyphant image
Santa Clarita Diet- I'm not ashamed of watching it, it's really good in my opinion but well... it's not a usual tv show.

4.Tv Show you thought you wouldn't like but you ended up liking

police image brooklyn nine nine, brooklyn 99, and jake peralta image ray holt image Temporarily removed
Brooklyn Nine-Nine- On my twitter, there was a time where everyone was talking about this series how good and funny it was, so I decided to gave it a try and well you know the rest.

5. Tv Show in which you would live

friends, kitchen, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed coffee, friends, and iced coffee image
Friends-100% Yes! I mean I love how funny and awesome everything is, how they dress and live, just love it!!.

6.Tv Show crush

Archie, Betty, and jones image black and motorcycle image riverdale, serpent, and wallpaper image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Jughead Jone from Riverdale he's that kind of guy that has something that makes him special, he is a weirdo that you can easily fall in love,(and also cole is really handsome)

7.Tv Show that reminds you of your childhood

Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
¡Carly- One of the best ones, I remember always after school waiting until 7 pm to watch this show, it always made me laugh (thinking about it... they were the first YouTubers!!)

8.A character from a Tv Show you would like to play

canada and flag image Temporarily removed funny, himym, and how i met your mother image aesthetic, beer, and drink image
Robin scherbatsky- she is so confident and funny, she doesn't care about what people think about her.

9. A tv show you have abandoned

the walking dead, dead, and twd image apocalypse image Abusive image the walking dead, twd, and daryl dixon image
The walking dead- I left it in season 6 (i think..I don't remember, it has been a while) to be honest it started getting so boring, I used to get sleep!!. It's a shame because it was one of my favorites.

10. A tv show you need to see

Image removed Image removed old, world, and vintage image abandoned places, chernobyl, and destroyed image
Chernobyl - I have heard is awesome, so I have to give it a try.
book and once upon a time image clock and time image Image by estoni_elena Temporarily removed
Once upon a time- one of my best friends recommended me this tv show, and in my opinion, it looks pretty cool.

11. Tv show everybody likes but you don't

Abusive image cristina yang, doctor, and greys anatomy image Temporarily removed white, coffee, and aesthetic image
Grey's anatomy- mm I don't know it just doesn't call my attention.

12. Tv show You're currently watching

Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair, grunge, and pale image Abusive image euphoria, zendaya, and sad image
Euphoria- I loved it! And yeah it can be chaotic and exaggerated at some point, but I don't know it has something that makes you keep watching.

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Thanks for reading!