hi guys!
here is a new article to get to know me a little better. school is stressing me out so i need to destress and i thought this would be fun to do.

i found this cute article that i thought would be fun to recreate and do my own version.

original article;


feed image cat, animal, and cute image
i have an amazing light golden retriever and a nice cat.


fashion, girl, and mirror image blonde and girl image
grey-blue eyes, blonde shoulder length hair, long legs, filled brows and pretty pale. basic dane.


aesthetic, fashion, and girls image handbag, purse, and neutral purse image
for school I use different totebags and for everyday I use either a grey or a light blue crossover bag I got.


book, black, and rings image book, coffee, and flowers image
I love the fault in our stars, papertowns and me before you.


wallpaper, background, and leaves image water, aesthetic, and dress image
my favourite colors are a greyish-navy blue and khaki green.

dreams and goals

aesthetic, asia, and asian image aesthetic, beige, and christmas image
I haven't really set any specific ones, other than just wanting to love life, live in a light happy home with shelter adopted pets and my best friends close.


coffee, food, and drink image drinks and wine image
my favourites to drink is definitely hot cocoa and orange juice. I also really like white wine.


food, pizza, and wine image food, pasta, and yummy image
pizza and pasta yes please.


Temporarily removed funny, jokes, and lol image
i have pretty bad humour I'd say so myself - so does everybody around me.


beige, girl, and modern image fashion, necklace, and jewelry image
i have 5 ear piercing in total, 2 on one side and 3 on the other including a helix. I love wearing different rings, necklaces and earrings for every day.


noah centineo, lara jean, and couple image pale, cry, and tears image
the amazing spiderman (the ones with andrew garfield), to all the boys I've loved before and to the bone.


guitar, aesthetic, and vintage image music, quotes, and aesthetic image
my favourite genre is lofi hiphop. favourite songs is are probably; every single day | felix sandman, as long as it takes you | keshi, it's not over | daughtry and the a team - live; live at the tabernacle | birdy

passion and lifestyle

art, paint, and aesthetic image theme, rp, and unfiltered image
I draw and paint with watercolours a lot and trying to improve at my skills. I also love graphic design and working with some just for fun.


Temporarily removed relatable image
I'm that silent girl to begin with until you get to know me. first picture explains me more than I can myself.


aesthetic image mountains, nature, and river image
i wanna explore the world.


quotes, stars, and love image quotes, aesthetic, and inspiration image
my absolute fave; "if you are not learning everyday, you are not living everyday" - unknown


beach, fashion, and girl image friends, fire, and boy image
summer and autumn. I love the heat and bathing, skirts and dresses, but also late campfire nights with friends and falling asleep to the sound of rain after watching different colors of leaves falling.


Temporarily removed fashion, aesthetic, and beige image
I've taken a 10th grade at some kind of a boarding school and now 2nd year at gymnasium.


Temporarily removed aesthetic, nike, and shoes image
I live in my grey checkered slip on vans and white sneakers.


fashion, outfit, and jeans image fashion, girl, and style image
I like a lot of different styles. mostly I wear basics and a couple of really cute soft pieces.

tv shows

friends and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image la casa de papel, tokyo, and rio image
brooklyn nine-nine, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., la casa de papel and the flash.


art and taurus image art, blue, and constellation image
born in may.

thank you so much for reading this article. hope you enjoyed it!

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