Out of curiosity, I started watching this series, I'm not a fan of the youth series, because I never feel identified. Until a song of hope for this generation Z arrives euphoria, we have felt reflected in the pain of the characters, as young people we spend day by day what they live, anxiety touches the window every time you want, our self-esteem lowers every time we see the likes on instagram, our parents do not understand our anxieties as young people. But what I loved most about the series apart from seeing the beautiful Zendaya, was her makeup so I looked for inspiration so that some days we fill with color, glitter and much euphoria that gives us strength to continue living our days to the limit as if It was the last.

Blue like the blue sea

makeup, blue, and aesthetic image planet, earth, and blue image glitter, makeup, and beauty image Temporarily removed eyeshadow and sparkle image eye makeup, eyes, and eyeshadow image Image removed blue, aesthetic, and makeup image

Delineate like a cat and shine with color

girl and makeup image Black Eyeliner, blue eyes, and cosmetics image aesthetic, eye, and red image makeup, green, and aesthetic image eye, makeup, and yellow image makeup, blue, and eyes image Image removed aesthetic, makeup, and eye image makeup, rainbow, and eyes image Temporarily removed

Don't be afraid of shining more than the sun and fill yourself with color more than a rainbow

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Do not be afraid to shine, fill yourself with courage to parade on your best catwalk that is the world. Love the brightness, fill yourself with color and unique forms.