Hi everyone!

I have such sensitive skin. I have mild rosacea and I know how annoying it is when it won't calm down. I've found ways to deal with it and now I want to share my tips with you :)

These things improved my rosacea so much and calmed my skin...

blackseed oil (it needs to be pure, look on amazon or your local natural grocery store, I saw a difference in one night)

damascan t rose oil from aesop (THIS!! is amazing, i see a difference as soon as I put it on )

rosacea skincare and redness skincare image

redness solution complex by Vivier (This takes affect after a few months but still helps when you first start using it)

rosacea cream and redness cream image

Puriya mother of all creams (got it on amazon, just search to find it)

rosacea creams, redness creams, and skincare creams image

Dr Weil by origins (sephora has it, i love the serum, cleanser and moisturizer)

hope this helped!

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