Hi everyone!

I can’t believe September is already here! August literally felt like two days haha

With the start of a new month means a new favourites post for last month 😉

Honestly, it’s hard to always have new things to add to these posts because I use a lot of the same things every month

Let me know if you guys want the favourites post every month even though there will be less to include or if you want it every few months to have more included in the posts!


We Heart It

Of course I've been loving this site!! :) I made my account in August and right away filled up my collections as I was obsessed with it! This place is so inspirational and positive :) I love it


This app is so fun! It allows me to make the water and skies move in pictures. There’s also so many other editing tools and versions 🙂 I was loving changing the skies and making the skies and water move in all my pictures 🙂

See the app here: https://www.pixaloopapp.com

Puriya Mother Of All Creams

This cream is amazing and I love that it’s made of natural real ingredients 🙂 I’ve been using it so much this August. It really has been helping my redness/rosacea and has been hydrating my skin. I have such sensitive skin. let me know if you want a post about sensitive skin and rosacea :)

I got it on Amazon just type in the name of the cream it will come up :)


Hope you guys enjoyed ! If you like my posts i highly suggest following my blog: annabelannunziata.com

I have SO many more posts there as I have been blogging for years :)
Do you want to hear my blogging story? or my online school story? let me know