Hey beautiful people. These days I have seen these articles about disney princesses, and Descendants, but I haven't found any of harry potter. I think it can be fun to do that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing.

NAME: Elisa Lestrange
BIRTHDAY: july 31, 1980


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sycamore wood, dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" in length, slightly springy flexibility


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a wolf


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in malfoy's mansion (1980 – 1996 )
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in snape's house (1997 – 1998 )
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gryffindor common room


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a black owl named Crowley


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make potions, fly, casting spells, hanging out with friends, reading, sing


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best friend
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she was raised by the Malfoys. She and Draco were close as children but over time they drifted apart.
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she always kept in touch with Sirius Black, even when he was in Azkaban. Sometimes she would visit him.
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when she was twelve years old, her aunt told her who her father was. At Hogwarts, everyone knew she was the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, and the first two years were very difficult.
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things started to get better when she joined the Quidditch team in second year, and that's when she and the Weasley twins get close, especially with George.
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also in the second year, she get in to the Frog Choir at Hogwarts.
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In the third year, she told Neville about Snape, and met Remus. She and Remus helped Sirius into the castle. The two became friends
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In the fourth year, she and Tonks get close. She went to the ball with George. In the next year, the two were already dating. She told him about Snape.
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she was devasted when Sirius die.
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by the sixth year, she was already living with her father.
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she broke up with George because she wanted to keep him safe. She and Draco get close again.
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McGonagall helped her to become an animagus.
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on the last year she had been marked by Voldemort. (even as a part of dumbledore’s army).
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at the Hogwarts battle she fought alongside her friends against Voldemort and his followers.
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she and George back dating after the battle is over.
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when Snape, Remus and Tonks dies, she stopped being able to conjure the patronus spell for a while.
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after her father's death, she lived with Andromeda. After a few years, when Ted was already a teenager, she returned to Snape's house.


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after graduating from school, she became an auror.
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after a few years, she asked for a job to McGonagall at Hogwarts. She got a job at Hogwarts as a potions teacher.
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she and George broke up again. He married with Angelina. Since then she could no longer conjure the patronus spell.


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