since writing and reading are huge parts of my life and now that i'm officially a literature major, i decided to write a book tag myself. so let's get started.

inspired by this article:

⋆ e-books or physical books?

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carrying around a book with me and just being able to hold it makes me feel really focused on the story and in that way i feel a lot more connected with the book than reading it from my phone or a computer. so my answer is definitely physical books.

⋆ online or in-store shopping?

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i love going to bookshops and just touching different books and reading for awhile before leaving, they're truly magical places and i can spend hours there. but i have to admit that sometimes i shop online because you can find really good books with fair prices, so my answer for this one will be both.

⋆ borrow or buy?

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i mostly prefer to buy them because i love to see the way they look on my shelf and also because i like taking notes when i'm reading and i can't do that when i borrow it from someone else. so i choose buying them.

⋆ long or short books?

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honestly, it doesn't really matter how many pages a book has, the story is the thing that matters the most to me. if i like the story and find it captivating then i don't care about its length. there are so many great short stories and long novels so all kinds of books are welcome in my house!

⋆ top 3 genres?

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oh now this is hard because i love to mix them up usually but if i really have to pick three of them, then they would be: romance, mystery and dystopia.

⋆ favourite authors?

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i have so many! i'm mostly a classic literature lover but i'll add some modern authors too: leo tolstoy, jane austen, f. scott fitzgerald, stefan zweig, jk. rowling, stephen king, dan brown, donna tartt and agatha christie. i also love reading novels written by people from my country like: zülfü livaneli, reşat nuri güntekin, orhan pamuk, nazım hikmet ran, aziz nesin and halid ziya uşaklıgil.

⋆ what are your favourite books?

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again, i have so many. the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde, the hunchback of notre-dame by victor hugo, mother by maxim gorky, wuthering heights by emily brontë, northanger abbey by jane austen, perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky… and the list goes on.

⋆ what was the last book you read?

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farewell to arms by ernest hemingway. i'm a sucker for romance that's set in war times so i really enjoyed reading it. might read it again soon.

⋆ what are you currently reading?

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i'm currently reading the death of ivan ilyich by lev tolstoy.

⋆ where do you prefer to read?

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i mostly read in my bed but i like reading at the subway. sometimes i like to read at my balcony at night too. also maybe at quiet cafes? and while traveling i read in the bus or the plane. generally, i can read at anywhere if i have my earphones with me.

⋆ do you use bookmarks?

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yeah, i usually do. but recently i started using paperclips or flowers because i think it looks more stylish.

⋆ do you highlight quotes in books?

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some of you will hate me for it but yes. i'm not really good at memorizing quotes and i'm too lazy to write them down so highlighting is the easiest way for me. but hey, at least i try to match the highlighting colour with the cover of the book! it doesn't matter? oh, okay.

⋆ what books do you want to read?

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are you kidding me? i would read everything single of them if i could. but let's be serious, no life time would be enough for that so i'll try to do the best i can. well if i should speak for the near future, i want to read russian literature a lot, also more jane austen, more donna tartt, more shakespeare, more books from turkish literature because if i don't know my country's literary works properly then how can i call myself a true littérateur, right? so yeah, i just want to read as much as i can.