My name is Me.
Although you don't know who I am.
I hope this can help cure the unknown cold you have in your heart that you don't know will appear when you're a little older or wiser.
This cold will come out of no where like that cat that's always crossing the road.
Trust me this cold will hurt you more than anything you've ever felt before.
This cold is the person who's always been taking care of you when your sick since day one.
Your mom.
One day your going to wake up an notice those beautiful winkles of that strong independent women.
Those glowing eyes that always seem to get a little bit more tired.
Those hands with more lines than usual.
You'll start to realize she won't always be here.
She won't always remind you to take a sweater when it's cold or wake up in the middle of the night to give you warm tea.
Appreciate everything.
The good and the bad and the awful and the best.
The only person that will ever offer unconditional love.
So I tell you a stranger, prepare yourself for the sad truth by enjoying and taking advantage of time with you mother.
Because when she's not here all your going to have to help you clean those tears are the memories.