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Real Name

stars, sky, and night image euphoria, stars, and make up image
Stella Louise Taylor

Hero Name

alternative, girl, and pink image Image by Blippy


Image removed Temporarily removed makeup, beauty, and glitter image girl, hair, and jeans image
mid-length blonde hair, green eyes, short, pale


blue, cliff, and green image blue, grass, and green image
Stella was born in England. She is currently 17. After her mother passed away when she was 12, she moved in with her mothers friend in New York. However, the family that Stella moved into isn't wealthy and can barely afford to keep afloat financially.
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After she was abused on her way home from a friends house, she decided to become a vigilante hero, after training herself in martial arts alongside her other extracurricular activities.
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After getting some recognition locally, Stella was propositioned by Celeste Swan, a scientist in the area who was trying to perfect a hormone which enhances human performance. Feeling like she had nothing to lose,and wanting to offer money to her gaurdians, Stella offers herself as a test subject. As a result of this, she is able to fight combat without exhaustion, has heightened reflexes and an improved strength and flexibility. Eventually, Stella discovered that Swan was using this hormone in an attempt to create an army to gain power within the government and take control of the country. However, due to heavily drinking after the initial procedure, Stella is unaffected by the mind control aspect of the hormone and works to overthrow Swan and her plans.


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Normally calm and rational, but also sarcastic and boisterous at times. Is always listening to music and has taken to the habit of taking her speakers with her whenever she needs to fight someone, in order to provide a soundtrack to her defeat.


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Animals, painting, music, funny things


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Skilled in combat, with heightened reflexes and strength. Is also considerably faster and more flexible.


ballet, dance, and ballerina image rhythmic gymnastics image beautiful, figure skating, and girl image art, pastel, and pink image aesthetic, book, and soft image bed, home, and bedroom image
since a kid she has been diligent in practising Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Figure Skating. She also enjoys painting, reading and sleeping.


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deadpool and roses image deadpool, Marvel, and ryan reynolds image
Deadpool is her closest friend, considering their backstory's are similar to some extent. Both have similar personalities and targets.

Love interest

tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image tom holland image
None other than Peter Parker lmaooooooo

A Short Playlist;

Temporarily removed eminem and without me image
Without Me - EMINEM
Temporarily removed animal, band, and bath image
I Was Made For Loving You - KISS
Freddie Mercury, Queen, and roger taylor image Queen, Freddie Mercury, and roger taylor image
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
elton john image 70s and cher image
Saturday Nights Alright (for fighting) - Elton John
boys and marina image Image removed
How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina & The Diamonds

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