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"Self-care is how you take your power back."

Hello everybody. Today I am going to be bringing you through what I usually do when I want to give myself a little bit of a pamper. Pamper evenings and self-care evenings are something that I recommend doing once or twice a week. I don't pamper myself often, mainly because I don't really have the time being a full-time student and working almost full-time. But when I do actually get around to having a pamper night, particularly after a long day at work, this is what I do.

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wash my face

The first thing I do in my evening pamper routine is of course, wash my face. I feel like once I get this step out of the way, everything else comes so much more smoothly. I always wash my face while my bath water is running. For my face currently I am using the Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Acne Wash. This is honestly some of the best face wash I've ever used. I've struggled with acne ever since I was 13 and this stuff is like magic in a bottle, I swear.

put on a face mask

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The next step which is my favorite step is applying a face mask. This step solely depends on what products I have. There are times where I take a bath and DON'T have a face mask on, so it also depends on how I'm feeling. I have a variety of face masks. I have sheet masks, charcoal masks, and clay masks. I like all of them. I love sheet masks because of the the serum in them and I love rubbing in the rest of the product when it comes time to take the mask off.

tip: if it says to wash or wipe off the product left on your face after a sheet mask, DO NOT put that mask on your face! you are supposed to massage the leftover product into your skin!!

Charcoal masks are another fav mainly because charcoal has helped my skin so much in the past. I defo recommend charcoal masks if your skin can handle them. Clay masks are another that work really well for me, I have somewhat sensitive skin but thankfully I haven't had any issues when it comes to face masks. All face masks I've tried work really well.

relax in the bath

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After I apply face mask, I then get into the bath to relax. Right now, I'm using the Zoella Beauty Drench Bath Soak and I am so in love with it. It smells amazing. I get really hot when I take a bath, so I recommend keeping a water bottle by the side of the bath. Sometimes I'll do some work on my computer in the bath, other times I'll just scroll through my phone, and other times I'll turn on a really long YouTube video that has music on it (you know the ones) and just shut my eyes. I love music from the 1940s and I love Paris so I found this amazing video to listen to while in the bath.
It is just the most beautiful and relaxing thing.

do some body care

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This means shaving my legs, exfoliating my body, or even caring for my feet, as I have to keep up with my feet more than most people do. I have a charcoal purifying foot scrub that I bought from Ulta that I absolutely love and it works wonders after a long day spent entirely on my feet. I don't have anything special that I use for this step. I have a nice smelling sugar scrub from Wal-Mart that I bought for like $6 and I just use whatever body wash is in my bathroom as shaving cream. While I do my body care, I'm usually catching up on YouTube videos I've missed or watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. I say it takes me about an hour in the bath.

wash everything off and dry

At this point, all my body care is done and my face mask is dry (if I'm using a charcoal or clay mask). I then rinse my body off, wash my face mask off, and drain my tub of my glorious bath. I'll moisturize my body, which I use a Zoella Beauty lotion, whatever one I have in my bathroom at the moment. And I also apply my toner to my face, which is the Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Face Toner, and it is amazing.

That pretty much concludes my pamper evening routine. It's very basic and nothing special but having a pamper evening is so important for your body and your mind. I feel so much better after having a long bubble bath and a face mask. The last thing I do is put on my comfy PJs and either head to bed or hang out in the living room until I get super tired.
I hope you enjoyed this article. I love reading stuff like this. Let me know what you do for your pamper routines and what products you use. I'd love to know!

Until next time,

Cassie xx