Hey guys. Just really quick, I started my instagram completely over. I'm doing aesthetics. Alternating from Greek gods and other mythologies to character aesthetics from books, movies, and shows. I started a series called "Where Are They Now?: Greek Gods: which is the ancient/traditional aesthetic of a god and their modern aesthetic. I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out. It's https://www.instagram.com/kinglykore.

As always, if you have any questions or something specific you want to see from me, you can message me here or on instagram

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hair, girl, and grunge image Temporarily removed
I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan


bear image Temporarily removed
The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book


girl image aesthetic image
Strangers Like Me - Tarzan


Mature image boat and photography image
Kiss The Girl - The Little Mermaid


animal, aesthetic, and lion image Temporarily removed
I Just Can't Wait To Be King - The Lion King


hair, girl, and photography image Temporarily removed
Touch The Sky - Brave


eyes, eye, and brown image tea, cup, and vintage image
Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules


aesthetic, animal, and bear image nature, waterfall, and forest image
On My Way - Brother Bear


uniform, aesthetic, and yellow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Almost There - Princess and the Frog


summer, surf, and beach image beach, waves, and summer image
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Lilo & Stitch


blonde, glitter, and gold image castle, medieval, and stairs image
I've Got A Dream - Tangled

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