They say there’s no place like home, I can see that being true, I miss home too, though I don’t really know Where I’m referring to.

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I never feel home, I would drive for kilometres on end and never find the place, I don’t know where I belong if I do.

One could say that I’m lucky to have more than a roof to sleep under, but I think home must be within you, or you could well roam aimlessly forever.

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I have left pieces of me in a few places on Earth, and I’ve learnt that sometimes foreign countries felt more home than mine.

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Sometimes I get the feeling that the closest thing to a home is Him, other times I wish I belonged somewhere, with him by my side.

A place that sits amidst the fog, still, open doors and windows, a place to go back to when the journey’s over, when our backs are tired, and my mind keeps being a loud place and needs some rest.

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-I want to go home.

x Lynch