Hi everyone ! I'm Angela and in this article I'm gonna complete my previous article by sharing with you 5 Disney movies that in my opinion have a Autumn vibes !

Lil disclaimer : English is not my first language so if I made mistakes feel free to DM me about it, I will be glad to improve my grammar/vocabulary !

Let's start!


This Disney movie is perfect for Autumn because the scottish landscapes and the magical events which give a pre Halloween vibes too.

Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
Merida is the firt red hair Disney princess btw.

Robin Hood

Inspired by the english's legend this Disney movie reminds me of Autumn because it take place in the forest and pretty much because Robin Hood is characterised by a fox.

robin hood and gif image

Snow White

Like Robin Hood the fact that the story take place in the forest and the presence of animals reminds me of Autumn. Moreover the apple is an autumnish fruit !

princess, snow white, and animal image


The story seems to take place in the beginning of Autumn (Pocahontas's tribe harvest the field of corn) and the Wind is an element very Autumnish.

Image by 🏖️ⅈℕℳᗅ🌅


Even if the story doesn't take place in a particular season, the forest vibes and the forest life reminds me of Autumn !

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It were my 5 Diney Movies recommendations for the upcomming season !
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