I bet you already stumbled on the internet about this subject. If not, allow me to explain what I'm talking about :)

For the past month…and correct me if I'm wrong, our precious rainforest in Brasil has been burning with no stop. The Brazilian president said that he will do something about it, but his actions have shown that nothing has been done.

In my last post:

I wrote about how important is this ecosystem to not only us but also the environment, and if nothing puts a stop to it, we might lose whatever we have left of it.

But…I did my research to see how I as an individual can help. Then I started applying those small things into my daily life because I wanted to see how hard or how much of a change, this can be on me and my life.

I know that this post is long but please bear with me :)

Make a voice and raise awareness

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Social media is such a huge network that can be used also to make a statement.
Sharing anything that you see from a picture to an article by using: #prayforamazonia or #savetherainforest can open too many eyes.

Also try to talk to the people around you about it, make them see how critical this subject is.
Trust me…people will listen and they will try to do the same.

P.s: Trust me many of the people I know didn’t have an idea of what’s going on till they saw what I have been posting or sharing on the internet.

Meat and diary consume

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In my last post, I mentioned what were the futuristic plans for the rainforest. The goal of all of this deforestation is to increase agriculture, which means more cows and soja.

Try to reduce the amount of meat that you consume, instead of 5 days make it 2.
Alternative dairy products in the market are huge, and on top of that, they introduce always new amazing vegan products that taste…believe it or not…better than the original.


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Here in Germany recycling is a delight. we have 3-4 different trash containers and each one is made for a certain type of trash. It might seem a little bit overwhelming, but once you start thinking about this small act that you are doing for the environment, you will feel happy.

Say no to plastic

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Our beautiful oceans and beaches are full of our shopping plastic bags.
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Animals are dying and then suddenly stranded on some beach somewhere. All of this is because they don’t or can’t differentiate between their food and some sparkly thing floating in there.


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It’s like any other search engine, but there is one thing that makes it way better than any of the other and that is: They actually use the ad revenue to plant tree (where is mostly needed) all over the globe.

The most exciting thing about it is that every time you search for something, you can see how many times you used it and how many other people are using it.
It's a very easy way to help while you are sitting on the sofa shopping for fall new trends.

Be Active

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An inspirational young teenage activist “Greta” made it to the UN conference cause she wanted to make a change and of course, a difference! lets join her and make our voices heard. #fridaysforfuture

Look around you for any upcoming events, like a lake or river clean up or join a protest.
Together we can raise our voice and show the world that we aren't going to stop till they make the right decision

P.s: Mark this on your calendar and be part of the global protest on the 27 of September #fridaysforfuture

Avoid Palm Oil

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I found those pictures speak for themselves.

Buy local and regional products

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Try to avoid Brazilian products, cause after all who is letting it burn is the Brazilian president, so lets all step back and support our regional market.

Sprinkle your own confetti

What I'm trying to say here is whatever you plan on adding on the list will be already a step forward.
-Either you choose to sprinkle your own spice by being a member or donating to an environmental foundation (WWF, Earth alliance) or you try to reduce your carbon footprint by taking the bike instead of the bus or ANYTHING…is going to be your own specific way of showing mother nature of how much you care and how much you appreciate this planet, cause I know it is precious to me and I'm sure it is to you too.
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