hey losers,

I can't believe I'm already in highschool. My first day was today in yr7 (Freshman for those of you who are American, I'm british by the way) - I actually can't believe that I'm growing up so fast, seems like just a second ago I was dancing on the trampoline with my dad. I've been so freaking nervous these past few days my anxiety really has shined through. It's been hard trying to hide it from my mom and dad because they're normally all up in my business. Either way I've really underestimated highschool, I mean sure I arrived to Math class a bit late, and It took me a while to make friends but that's okay! At the end of the day I had fun, and that's what count, right? I do dislike some teachers but that's fine, they don't know that lolol. Anyways I really enjoyed today. I made a new friend called Miley she recently just moved from England to Wales a few weeks ago. She's really shy and has anxiety apparently but I find her sweet and quiet in a good way. I'm really loud but that doesn't matter, I think we'll be very good friends.

I'll be talking to you again soon readers, toodles~