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My 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Write about self-love.

Self-LOVE. I don´t know if I can tell you something that would motivate you.I struggle with self-love a lot.Sometimes I love myself so much but sometimes I just feel like I am the ugliest person on the planet.Sure, I have pimples,weight that I don´t want and a lot of things BUT those Things made me, me.That´s who I am.I can live a life where I complain about it or I can live a life where I accept me and be happy.Like Hannah Montana said; Nobody´s Perfect Right? I,You, everyone has the Chance to Change. It´s your life,your body it is You!!! do what ever you want without thinking about am I pretty enough, Can I wear this without looking weird? Yes you can!!! Believe in yourself and about who you tf are!! You´re pretty, you´re strong and you are an amazing person.Don´t think you have to live with a body that you don´t like, they say remove toxic people, so why don´t we can remove toxic bodies?? Change yourself if you want, but you will never can change yourself. you will always be the person you are right now.don´t forget you are pretty but if a time comes and you can´t live anymore with that issue than change it but learn to accept yourself or you will change yourself until there´s nothing left from you anymore.

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What I always do is to remember the little me, I ask myself is this what you wanted to be?Are you happy? Did you´re dreams come true? Are you proud of me?
Then I do things that made me happy, I remember my dreams I remember who I am who I was.

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