Eyeshadow palette from ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS

Hi, everyone!
Today I am here to talk to you about this wonderful eyeshadow palette.

I know that so many people already have published reviews about this palette. Furthermore, I am also aware of that this is not the newest palette on the market. However, I really feel the urge to tell you my opinion about it because I intend to create an honest collection of reviews, which have the aim to help people making choices about products.

Coming now to the actual palette and its quality. Every time I use this palette, I am amazed about the pigments of the colours. Every single one is so pigmented, but at the same time you can blend them out so well on your eyes. Furthermore, I think that this is the perfect palette for brown eyes, every single tone enhances those type of eyes. I have never ever experienced a problem with choosing a colour to actually do my makeup. Therefore, I am able to confirm, that those eyeshadows are really long lasting and they do not fade away or lose colour during the day which is always really important to me.

In addition, the selection of colours was so well and thoughtfully made. If you are a fan of warm colours, then this palette is the right one for you! In fact, you can find a lot of red, orange and brown tones. Furthermore, there are some lighter colours like a really light nude one, an ashy but light taupe and an ashy rose. And of course, they did not forget the perfect gold and bronze. A hint I may give you, is to apply the gold called โ€˜Primaveraโ€™ and the light kind of champaign colour โ€˜Vermeerโ€™ with your fingers or you may wet your brush with a bit of water or fixing spray before you apply it. Only do this if you want a really intense look because those tips help to reveal the full potential of those colours. Therefore, the brush that comes with it is also really soft and I mainly use it for my looks.
Finally, I have to admit that I really love this palette and that it was such a good investment for my beauty collection, since I use it for 90% of my looks and all year around, no matter the season. Therefore, this palette can be used to create soft looks for your daily life and for party/ going out looks. I have also tried this product on friends with green and blue eyes and the results were also stunning! And yes, indeed, I fully intend to use this palette till there is no more product left.

About 49,90โ‚ฌ at Sephora.

Excuse me for this long and detailed review, but I want to offer you all the information about this product.

Till next time and thank you very much for reading this!