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name: Eleanor Andrews
nicknames: ellie, elle, el, princess, andrews
age: same as Archie's (I'm not sure about their age)
sexuality: straight

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Holland Roden as Eleanor
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eleanor is really kind, smart, affable and generous. She is also very stubborn sometimes when people won't let her help in any way possible.
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betty and eleanor were best friends since they could remeber. veronica and eleanor are not that close but still hang out because of her relationship with eleanor's brother. Kevin and eleanor are best friends as well, since a very young age and eleanor starts hanging out with the serpents because of her boyfriend.
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elanor's twin brother and parents
people she dislikes:
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even though she doesn't have any enemies she dislikes some people. Reggie Mantle is one of them. This boy is always trying to make her date him with so many ways but eleanor has only eyes for her boyfriend.
the love of her life:
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sweet pea her sweet little bean. When the young serpents were transfered to Riverdale High, Sweet Pea would always trying to hang out with her because he was struck by her beauty. Eleanor was trying to reject him politely but it wasn't possible. She ended up falling for him as an angel she is.

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