Hey, I hope everybody is having a good week, or at least not the worst. I'm trying to be positive.
So, I'm very into aesthetics, and one of my favourites is the Define yourself in pictures or My aesthetic.

One of my inspiration:

Here it goes...


Temporarily removed boys, eye, and eyes image short hair, brown hair, and hair image demi lovato and beauty image black, blonde, and curves image demi lovato image
curvy, muscular, sporty, hazel eyes, short and brown hair


Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and clothes image black&white, clothes, and clothing image fashion, girl, and style image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image Temporarily removed
My style is terribly boring, I don't really care what I wear, except when I go out or something. I hate wearing colours, If I wear then I choose dark ones, so full black outfit is my go-to. I like punk/rock/retro styles too, it depends on my mood.


black, fashion, and sneakers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Okay, no shade but I don't know how people wear colourful shoes, I just can't. I bought M2k Tekno Nike shoes, and they became my babies. I have black converse and nike shoes. (I don't have a thing for Nike btw)


aesthetic, slytherin, and quotes image aesthetic, black and white, and quote image quotes, tears, and words image quotes image Temporarily removed quotes, aesthetic, and black image
Brutally honest, sarcastic, serious, intelligent (yeah, i can say it) introvert, loner, quick-tempered, ambitious, creative


amazing, art, and beauty image quotes image
I'm a Libra, altough lots of things don't match with other libras personality, like I hate pink, I'm not social and I wouldn't consider myself kind. But, I crave for equality, justice, great communication, I can't decide in big things and I hate conflicts.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It poem, poetry, and quote image aesthetic, college, and notes image typewriter image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
coffee addiction, writing, reading, studying, poems, art


Temporarily removed yungblud image Image removed Image by Maria Emilia
punk and rock music, my heart is full of Yungblud and his songs


Temporarily removed budapest, hungary, and theme image
Hungary, Budapest


background, colored, and green image Image removed aesthetic, color, and theme image background, brown, and khaki image
all shades of grey and black, dark green, all kinds of brown


friends and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image game of thrones, quotes, and got image the 100 and bellarke image quotes, smile, and strong image
GOT, Friends, The 100, TVD, Originals, Lie to me, Skam


biology, black and white, and gay image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It study and coffee image
biology, psychology, languages, literature


photo, dark aesthetic, and dark academia image espresso, makeup, and brown image coffee, gilmore girls, and funny image book, coffee, and aesthetic image book, fashion, and sweater image Temporarily removed

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and have a good day ❤

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