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So as summer is coming to an end and school is right around the corner, I feel like it's time to slowly change your habits and mindset so you can perform your best on this new school year.

Think of this moment as one last opportunity to take care of your body and mind before everything starts again. Am pointing on stress and drama, but all you can do now is prepare yourself the best you can, try to settle these habits now, so you can use them as an advantage during the new school year.

So here are my tips that you must work on now before the school year begins :

  • Adjust your sleeping habits
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I think we all agree that we all change our sleeping habits in summer because it's part of being off school like for example I have been going to bed SO LATE and waking up when I should be having lunch and it's not something am proud of. So if you want to look your best on the first week of school, start by going to bed a little earlier everyday. It won't be as hard to wake up on the day school starts if we begin to change this habit a few weeks before.

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  • Get inspired and motivated
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What are your goals for this next school year? Better grades? To create more meaningful human connections? Whatever it is, write it down. This way, it's always there for you, as a reminder of the things you can and Create a vision board, it's fun to search for inspirational images and looks very pretty on photos.

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  • Go Shopping
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For me the best thing about school is back to school shopping! So go buy nice clothes that will make you feel comfortable and confident not to look like you are invited to Mat gala.

Here are some good school outfits:

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  • Get school supplies
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Obviously no one can study without all the school supplies so spoil yourself and buy all what you need with your favorite colors to enjoy studying like :

- School bag

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- Pens

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- Notebooks

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  • Pamper yourself
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A self care day, with your friends or alone is always great.
just make sure you take care of yourself and relax.
During school is so easy to forget that our bodies need attention too, so since you have the time now, make sure to spoil yourself.

Here are some basic self care :

- Learn how to apply simple makeup

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- Use mask face to glow your skin

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- Paint your nails

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- Cut your hair

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  • Redocarite your room
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Changing your environment is always great to start fresh and with a new mindset. Make sure everything is practical and organized, it will make your life way easier.

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So guys that was it. I hope the tips were helpful.

I wish you all a great and success school year.

I hope you don't see that my article is too late because as you all know every country has it own date of school entry like in my country #Algeria the school begin for primary and high school students this Sunday And for college student till October.

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