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Favourite Princess Movie?

aesthetic image girl, make up, and makeup image flowers image red, armor, and dragon image

Favourite Non-Princess Movie?

aesthetic, eddie redmayne, and stephen hawking image aesthetic and love image Image removed disney, fairy tale, and the lost empire image
Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Favourite Princess?

mountains, nature, and alone image disney, dress, and pocahontas image Temporarily removed Image by no bad vibes

Favourite Prince?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, aladdin, and desert image summer image aladdin, genie, and jasmine image

Favourite Hero?

coin, aesthetic, and money image Mature image fox, animal, and forest image Image removed
Robin Hood

Favourite Side-Kick?

dragon, red, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed aesthetic and theme image mulan, mushu, and disney image

Favourite Villain?

fire and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dog, black, and animal image blue, magic, and power image

Favourite Character?

Temporarily removed animal, book, and movie image Temporarily removed theme, green, and plants image

Favourite Couple?

rapunzel, tangled, and disney image Temporarily removed flowers, hair, and aesthetic image afternoon, couple, and nature image
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider/Eugene

Favourite Childhood Movie?

goals and icon image dog, animal, and fox image animal, fox, and beautiful image disney, friends, and the fox and the hound image
The Fox and The Hound

Favourite Recent Movie?

aesthetic, coco, and disney image guitar, love, and beautiful image light, black, and remember image pueblo and méxico image

Favourite Live-Action?

maleficent image demon image dragon, fantasy, and eye image Temporarily removed

Favourite Pixar Movie?

Mature image toy story and wallpaper image wallpaper, toy story, and disney image Image by Leticia Palma
Toy Story

A Movie That Made You Cry?

Temporarily removed blue, sky, and clouds image badge, flowers, and scout image nature, waterfall, and green image

A Movie That Made You Laugh?

ralph, wreck it ralph 2, and ralph breaks the internet image disney, princess, and cinderella image princess, disney, and ariel image ralph, wreck it ralph 2, and ralph breaks the internet image
Wreck-it Ralph and Ralph Breaks The Internet

Favourite Dress?

disney, sleeping beauty, and princess image disney, sleeping beauty, and aurora image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Aurora's dress from Sleeping Beauty

Most Overrated Movie?

hands, snow, and winter image blue eyes, boy, and cold image Temporarily removed hair, aesthetic, and braid image

Most Underrated Movie?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
Brother Bear

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Love, Thea K.